Sunday, July 5, 2009

Come on and get in the boat, fishes.

The most incredible fishing experience of my life happened last night.

Roxie, Chris, and I are out standing on the rail next to the van,
looking out into the black. The weather has been pretty calm, so when
someone from a deck or two up tosses a can into the water, we can see
it floating there at the edge of the lights, bobbing on tiny waves.

All of a sudden, a half dozen Mahi Mahi come blazing out from under
the boat and start tossing around the can. In the space of about ten
seconds, Chris has bolted inside, grabbed a pole, and made a perfect
cast just upwind of the can. Another breath, and there's a fish on. Bam!

The fight lasted a good long while -- that beautiful fish stripping
line off the reel, diving down under the hull, always managing to miss
the net -- and then it was over.

From gazing out over the ocean to sushi dinner in five minutes. Unreal.

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