Monday, December 1, 2008

Home sweet home

Here are a few pictures of my lovely room at Millstone, aka my first attempt at living in a room that wouldn't often be described as 'hovel.' Many thanks to family and friends for inspiration. I would also like to thank Ikea, and the color green.

The coupe d'organization. Dealing with my closet is like playing Tetris.

Paper lanterns + craptastic overhead lighting + long exposure times = awesome.

The bed (84" x 64") is 5,376 square inches. The room (130" x 118") is 15,340 square inches. Fortunately, the only thing I do in my room is sleep, and it's an extremely comfortable mattress. 

Eventually there will be photographs underneath the accent lighting.

I need to find a place to keep my guitar that's not right next to the radiator. For now, I just leave it turned off. 

It's a small space, but totally comfortable. So long as I keep things tidy. It helps if I pretend it's on a boat...