Friday, June 12, 2009

Under way

Here we go again.

As I type, Jason is 1800 meters below the boat, looking for the Kilo
Moana vent site. Pumps are cranking away in the pressure van. Our
bench is a colossal mess. All is right -- or at least what passes for
nomal -- in the world of cruise.

I should probably go to bed, to get in at least one symbolic
pre-midnight sleep in. There are about 800 things I feel like I need
to be doing, though. Not less than 24 hours ago I was thinking, "Ahh,
great, this time we can back off and do an amount of work only
marginally likely to make us want to jump overboard." Ha. Despite the
fact that the last few days in Tonga feel like they lasted for weeks,
the next 28 -- possibly my last at the Lau basin in my graduate career
-- seem terrifyingly short. There's so much to get done!

Ah, well. Might as well get up early as do them late. I am optimistic;
this list seems at least marginally less impossible than the one we
started with on the last leg. Neither Roxie nor I seem to be feeling
motion sick. The van is already set up. The seas are calm. The galley
has been restocked with snacks.

Perhaps a few snacks then, and then to sleep. Catch you again soon.

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