Thursday, May 7, 2009

Halfway there...

Having a muffin in Auckland, enjoying a rainy day. Nothing like a NZ muffin and a flat white, I say.

It's a bit weird to be back in Auckland after a year and a half, sitting in the same couch in the same coffee shop, and to just be crashing for a few hours between flights. 

Remarkably, the traveling has been coming along mostly sans hitches (knock on wood). Only got a couple raised eyebrows from the various crazy scientific implements we're passing through security, and the lovely folks at Air New Zealand not only checked our bags early for us, but comped us the excess baggage charge. From there it was on to a quick shower in the airport, a stress-free bus ride into the city, and an incredible breakfast at one of the impossibly hip cafes in the uni district. Butter here is indescribably delicious. 

God, I love New Zealand. 

Off now to enjoy a museum or art gallery or some other rain-amenable activity, then back to the airport for Redeye #2, and hopefully... Samoa!


Ish said...

Intrigued by the different butter. Glad the trip is going well so far! :-)

Sooooomebody said...

Why is it that, like, six years later, Jon Sanders looks EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME? Fuck. ;-)