Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Big storms

Sorry for the delay in posting, although I think I was probably hanging out with the two people who read this blog anyway (thanks, Mom and Dad).

Here are some pictures of the storm damage at George's House. Apologies for the quality -- camera phone!

Don't tell Sophie I took this picture. That is the half of the tree that zigged...

... and this half zagged, right into the fence.

Like most of the trees that came down, this one broke about halfway up the trunk. I speculate that this is because it didn't rain much, so the soil was hard enough to keep the roots down. Both of the trees at George's house were forked with two main trunks starting about 12 feet in the air, and both broke at the fork.

Crappy close-up. You can see that it narrowly missed the garden shed.

The remnants of the two trunks that blocked the driveway. That rosemary bush used to be a little less squished.

Fun times! All told, it could have been worse.

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