Friday, November 9, 2007


Another short post. Tired.

Kayaking today in Abel Tasman was fantastic. It's really a kayaking paradise -- sheltered, sandy beaches and clear water. You can have a water taxi take you and your yak up to the top of the park, then paddle down over three or four days. I hope to do this at some point.

Today, we just went up and back. Coming back was a bit more exciting, as a strong northeasterly had developed and pushed us back at a pretty good clip. Once we'd made it back, we set off to Westport, where we are now. Westport is probably the second biggest town on the South Island's west coast, and it's quite a bit smaller than my birthplace of Davenport, Iowa. This is a small country.

Still no wireless. Hopefully we'll have pictures soon. We're heading back to bustling Christchurch tomorrow!

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